HTML Projects

Custom HTML Websites


no predefined box structure
unlimited design potential
individual page design
Your site may be:
a single landing page
a group of linked pages
many non-linked pages

Getting Started:

Do you have your Domain Name (your web address) and Hosting Package (where your files are stored)?

I am most familiar with and recommend GoDaddy. They come with everything you could need, affordable pricing and truly awesome 24/7 customer support… but, not everyone loves them. I’ve worked with many hosts, so the choice really is up to you.

HTML Design:

Why do I like HTML design? Not being chained to a single template the way CMS sites are, it’s the freedom to be more creative. A custom designed HTML site will assure that your online message will stand out from the pack in this cookie-cutter site dominated cyber-landscape.

See Portfolio Below C-Panel Tutorials

  • HTML Pages are Manageable
    HTML websites can be edited in nearly the same way CMS websites are , but instead of making changes to the data base through an admin panel, you access the individual pages via FTP or through a host’s C-Panel file manager. Simply open the file you want updated, make the change and save.


  • HTML Pages are Safe
    While HTML pages are safe against 99% of attacks, if someone gets root access to your server they can put whatever they want in the pages. Protect your passwords and back up your sites.

    Most website hacks are done by web bots, not humans, so they will search your site for platform vulnerability. HTML pages don’t rely on templates with login access, nor do they use add-on software. Even though your pages may be linked, each page is a file unto itself, therefore if one page is damaged it’s not going to spread like an infection throughout your site.