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Included with any site I develop and launch are two complimentary services:
1.) Your domain will be submitted to major search engines.
2.) An XML Sitemap will be generated for the search engines to explore.

Now let’s talk about how we can Improve Your Website’s Search Status
and Maximize Your Website Results With SEO.

There are many approaches for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Whether it’s keyword usage, link building or awareness campaigns, the goal is to get maximum traffic to your website through the use of best SEO practices. This will result in improved search engine ranking … which in turn leads to more traffic.

First Steps in SEO

What is the goal?
To increase traffic to your website.

How will this be achieved?
Through best SEO practices with keywords and link building.  Search engines won’t simply rank a website automatically – they need to be persuade to do so.

Quality SEO is based on relevance and trust.
Properly targeted keywords tell search engines what a web page is about. Search engines use this information to decide how relevant the page is to a search.

Search engines evaluate the quality of inbound links to determine whether a website is trustworthy.

How to Begin

Let’s evaluate the type of audience you wish to attract and determine what keywords you want to rank for.

Keyword Research
This will show which of your industry keywords are searched most often and what the competition is like for those keywordds. Only the most relevant and beneficial keywords should be used for your specific SEO strategy.

Website Architecture
It should be clean and accessible to the search engine crawlers, then it’s onto meta tags, cleaning code, content writing, checking keyword densities and building back links.

Back Links
We’ll develop a long lasting plan that including highly competitive keywords, with different link building campaigns for different keywords.  A variation of your keywords should be used in your back links to give you perfect balance and density.

Quality Links
Increasing the number of links that point back to your website from top quality, reputable websites is important to SEO marketing. This will help to increase your company’s overall traffic and ranking.

SEO Copywriting Works

To Feed Google
Provide high-quality, optimized content. Your website will receive a higher page ranking in return and the increased traffic of targeted leads that comes with it.
To Get the Audience
When some one visits your page, you have a critical 4-6 second window to capture your there attention. This is why good SEO copywriting is so imperative.
To Convert Prospects
When your guests find what they are looking for it builds trust, which leads to more conversions. Misleading links break trust and send traffic to your competition.


  • Why SEO?

    Why Search Engine Optimization?

    SEO Services
    With the internet being the most relied upon resource in history for people to research a company, and nearly 60% of all businesses worldwide being represented on the web, it’s some pretty stiff competition. The goal for every business is to get its website on the first page of the organic listings, found naturally when someone searches something relevant to its business. This is why SEO services are such an essential and invaluable tool for a company’s growth.

    SEO is the process of increasing your website’s ranking in organic searches and getting more traffic as a result. The leading search engines use “spiders” to explore the internet and locate web pages for their algorithmic search results. They are searching for the most relevant content available, so it is imperative that your website is built around a focal point.

    It is my goal to bring your website the most relevant searches possible.

  • SEO Definitions

    Search Engine Optimization

    While is crucial to have a functional, well-designed and informative website to capture your target audience’s attention, this means nothing without traffic. SEO ensures your business is found on search engines.


    Your website can be fully prepared so that the search engines can easily index it for top placement.

    Organic Search

    Boost relevant and targeted traffic to your company’s website by using the language of your audience.

    Link Building

    Increase your visibility on search engines by developing targeted exposure on highly trusted domains.

    On Page SEO

    Formatting your website to the preference of search engines gets you positioned in the ranks.

    PPC and AdWords

    Campaigns can be developed to compliment your website and align with your budget and business goals.

    Stats and Reports

    Know exactly how well your site is doing in real time as well as who is visiting it.

  • SEO Tips For Your Website
    Keywords & Phrases
    Find a way to naturally work them into your writing, but be sure that they are relevant and consistent with the page message.  You’re not trying to fool anyone by using keywords.  You just need to ensure that what you offer is recognized by search engines.

    Keyword Search Tool

    Header Tags
    <h1>, <h2>, etc… Use these to emphasize the importance  of content in your web page.

    Keyword Density
    The more ways you can say something the greater the odds are that you’ll match what people are seeking.  However, consider the quality of user experience.  Once they land on your page, they may get a negative impression if it’s too repetitive.

    Keyword Density Checker Tool

    Meta Tags
    Included in your web page header, web crawlers skim for relevance.

    XML Sitemap
    This file lists the URLs of your website, when they were last updated, how often are there changes and their importance in relation to other URLs of the site, which allows search engines to crawl more intelligently.

    Page Title
    This should match page content.

    Alt Tags
    Web crawlers are blind and labelling your images will help search engines recognize them.

    Your Domain Name – Ideally include your number one keyword in it.
  • SEO Tips For Building Links
    If you build it they will come… but only if you tell them about it! Website don’t generate traffic on their own. In order for people to find yours amongst millions of others, you must tell the world it exists.

    Social Marketing
    Create a snapshot of your business by setting up profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social sites where visitors will spreading awareness of your business by sharing with their friends and colleagues.

    Introduce Your Website
    Submit your website to major search engines like Google, Bing, Excite and others.
    Multiple Submission Tool

    Media Networking
    Post photos on Pintrest and Instagram and videos on Vimeo and Youtube, and link these accounts to your website. Visitors will spreading awareness of your business by sharing your content through other social media.

    Submit articles about your business to reliable tabloids who feature local business with links back to your website.

    Social Networking
    It’s not about selling, it’s about being social. Leave comments on other profiles. When they reciprocate, their followers will be directed to you. Find relevant groups and join the conversation. Just don’t spam them with “here’s a link to my site”.

    Get Listed
    Join relevant industry directories and review sites that provide links back to your website.

    Book Marking
    This count as a link. Remind your visitors to bookmark you for easy reference.
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Content sourcing, keyword rich copywriting, editing, video and audio embedding.
Up-dates latest information, product updates and component management.
Graphics product images, photo editing, branding, icons, banners and ads.

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