Website Updates

Content Management
As a web designer it’s my job to make your website work best for you. The CMS websites that I develop have a user-friendly content management systems which makes it easy for you to update your information yourself, keeping your visitors engaged with fresh content whenever you want, at a time that suits you.

As a graphic artist, it’s also my job to make your information look good. When you can’t find the time, or find it’s more valuable being spent on other aspects of your business, I can help.

Content Management

Module ManagementModules & Widgets
These information blocks can be found above, below and beside your main content. They may contain text, images, videos, subscription forms, menus and more. Some edits are straight forward. Others may be a bit more complicated depending how their content is sourced.
Page LayoutPage Layout
Updating existing content and adding new pages plus menu management. More than just copy and paste, this includes page layout, spell check, link checking, image formatting, tables, embedding videos and more. A Page Builder system can slow you down too if you’re not used to working with them.

Plugin ManagementExtensions & Plugins
Add more function to your website with galleries, shopping carts, memberships and more. Installation, set up & updating services available.

Product managementOnline Stores
Adding new products to your shop and managing the store is not difficult, but it can be quite time consuming. When you’d rather spend your time marketing your business than tinkering the website, I can help. Content management services include: product management, menu organization, seasonal features, special offers with coupon codes. Photo editing is another graphic service I offer. Having consistent formatting for all your product shots makes a big difference to the professional impression your online store makes.

What You’ll Get From Your CMS Website:

Engage Customers – Keep your website updated with your latest business announcements, events, promotions, products and services.
Your in Charge – You can edit text and images, embed video, upload PDFs etc… whenever fits your schedule.
Expandable – Need more function from your website? With so much free open-source programs available, it’s easy to add-on when you need it.
Easy to Use – Content management systems are so user friendly, if you can send email, you can update your website.
Training & Support – I can provide you with training and be there for support long after your website launches.
Other Assorted Web Design Services
Accounts domain, hosting and email set-up, back-ups and admin / c-panel tutorials.
Support newsletter and social site support, theme set-up and demo content installed.
Content sourcing, keyword rich copywriting, editing, video and audio embedding.
Up-dates latest information, product updates and component management.
Graphics product images, photo editing, branding, icons, banners and ads.

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