Why Do I Need a Website

Websites are essential.

24/7 Accessibility to information equals credibility. These days people expect to find you online, with at the very least a description of your company service or product and contact information. Researching online before heading out the door has become the norm. Even the most basic website will be discovered by people who otherwise may have never had the opportunity.

Besides finding information about your products and services, your customers may find online or downloadable resources such as forms, price lists, sale sheets and brochures.

For existing and potential customers, your website is easily the most cost effective form of communication when it comes to your advertising dollar. In comparison to print, radio or television, even with the most rigorous web campaigns, your cost per customer is significantly less.

A website can be a:
• portfolio • brochure • catalog • library • menu • album • store • calendar • message board

A website can:
• generate new business, increase existing business
• promote a product or service, gather feedback with surveys
• offer savings and convenience, provide 24 / 7 accessibility
• inform and educate with access to resources, provide on-line instruction
• entertain

How do you want your website working for you?