WordPress Projects

Getting Started:

Do You Have Your:
Domain Name
Hosting Package
I am most familiar with and recommend GoDaddy. They come with everything you could need, affordable pricing and truly awesome 24/7 customer support… but, not everyone loves them. I’ve worked with many hosts, so the choice really is up to you.

Basic Set Up:

create ftp account
set up database
install the WordPress platform
add your preferred theme
add pro theme demo

WordPress Tutorials Available.

There is a flat rate of $50 for basic set-up. From here you’re welcome to take over your website’s set up. All logins and passwords will be provided at this point as I believe in transparency and that my clients should have access to their property at all times.

See Portfolio Below Free Vs Pro Themes

Content Management:

adding pages
creating widgets
setting up menus
managing plugins
modifying demo content
The time it takes to perform these activities varies greatly depending upon the complexity of your website, therefore content management is billed hourly. The more prepared you are before hand with your site plan, content and site requirements, the more efficiently work may proceed, saving you time and money.

Free VS Pro Themes

Wordpress sites right out of the box are functional but they aren't pretty. For a more polished look they need to be dressed up with a theme.
Free Themes are FREE. You don't need to create an account with a theme provider or pay any licensing fees. Free Themes are Customizable. With a bit of tinkering from your's truly, they can be branded specifically for you. They won't look like same free theme that someone else is using. Free Themes are Functional. They may not have all those fancy bells and whistles that the Pro Themes offer, but do you really need all that? Simplicity has it's virtues. Free Themes are Flexible. Many free components that are easy enough to add if you need additional function. More complex components can be purchased, but then you own them and can use them on as many sites as you like. Mobile Friendly Themes This used to be the deciding factor for going Pro, but now device responsive design is becoming the norm.
Pro Themes are Affordable Their license fees are not that expensive. They cost about the same as an hour or so of your designer's time - time they would have spent doing custom layout and component sourcing anyway. Pro Themes are Professional Many are designed for specific industries with custom, built-in functions that you just can't find anywhere else. Pro Themes can be Previewed When you visit the Demo Page of a theme it's the Pro Version that you're seeing. It will show you all the features it has to offer.  This will give you a good idea for your websites's potential. Pro Themes Include Demo Content This option instantly sets up your entire website to look just like their demo. You can simply wander through the site replacing the filler content with your own. The hard part: do you have enough of your own material? Do not expect the demo content to save you time. Yes, the set up is already done, but now there is a lot more content to address.