Woo-hoo! I’m Done!

You know the old story – The shoemaker’s kids go barefoot. It’s taken me FOREVER to update my website. Fortunately I started way back in October setting up individual WordPress folders for all my individual disciplines. I started doing that as a practice as I became more and more familiar with pro level themes and it was a good thing I did. Besides the fact that the web industry is changing fast – one aught to keep up – BOOM! In February my site got a mal virus / trojan horse or whatever. Mine and 5 other clients all at once (completely unrelated because I’m not actually linked to them) so that was a lot of panic and putting out fires. Yep. I’m a firm believer in creating a back up the second I have a site set up. That’s come in handy many a time… Unfortunately not for this shoemaker.

Seriously, back up your work! It take’s 5-10 extra minutes and will save you hundreds in down/repair time.

As of a day or so ago I finally got around to making my home page acceptable too. For a long time it was just a plain (ugly), functional html page that linked to my other folders. Because it too is a WordPress unto itself, I decided to make it the Evelyn Show. An about page, my rhinos, blogging… I’ve removed the blogs from the different services (except murals… it works there) and linked all the blogs back here. So much easier to maintain one than many!

I’m a happy camper : ))